Saturday, June 4, 2016

"Stop Violence against Children

Earlier today, Save the Children Nigeria and National Council of Child's Rights Advocates of Nigeria (NACCRAN FCT) hosted Children from select schools in the FCT to raise their voices about Violence against Children in Nigeria.
Mrs. Margaret Udoh, NACCRAN Coordinator, FCT Chapter in her welcome address identified forms of violence children face and called on government and all stakeholders to push for the implementation of the Child's Rights Act in all states of the federation.
Mr. Kenedy Yibin, Area Operations Manager for Save the Children in Zamfara State also added that legislation should be made to ensure punitive measures for those who violate the rights of the Nigerian Child to ensure violence against children is no longer accepted in Nigeria.
Violence against children involves gang activity, locker thefts, bullying and intimidation, gun use (mostly in developed world and higher institutions), assault (sexual and verbal molestation) and others.
Teachers and other staff also share in the experience of violence in schools. Other types of violence commonly reported in schools against children are torture, kidnapping, sexual harassment, rape, corporal punishment etc.
The consequences of violence against children include brain injuries, bruises and fractures, poor interpersonal relationship and communication, learning problems, emotional/psychological problems like anxiety, depression, aggression or attempted suicide, use of drugs, sexual indulgence and health problems such as HIV/AID and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Above all, most of the impacts can result in early death while those who survive live with physical and emotional scars.
So we want the following:
1. Effective implementation of the National Health Act.
2. Approval of the National Food and Nutrition Policy and its implementation at all levels in Nigeria.
3. Effective implementation of the Universal Basic Education Act with particular emphasis on getting all girls completing (at least) Junior Secondary School.
4. Passage of the Child Rights Law in the remaining 12 states of
the Federation and its effective implementation all over Nigeria.
The Government at National and Sub-national levels, development partners, CSOs and

NGOs need to take action to end violence against children.
We must develop a robust response plan to the findings of the survey on violence against children with respect to Nigeria.
Public enlightenment campaigns should be taken to the grassroots with the support of Government agencies to ensure messages on child protection issues reach the rural communities
Traditional leaders and community leaders should be sensitized on the consequences of Violence against Nigerian Children in the communities.
All Nigerian states should sign into law the Child right’s act to ensure every Nigerian Child is protected from harm and abuse.
Photos from a press briefing and event themed "Stop Violence against children recently held in Save the Children Head office attached.

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